Opinions are like assholes, we all have one. Just shit out of yours.


In the year 2015 I have seen a lot of things myself grow in the last 20 years. I am 26 years old and I feel utterly nervous for the future children that are being born as of right now.

We are living in a world that controlled by mass media, social networks and all the high powers of the internet. Parents throw a Kindle or a tablet in font of their faces, hand them cell phones to play with while shopping just to shut them up. Being entertained is one thing but to really close their mind to reality is scary. Children today are growing up to feel like they are too privileged to listen to authority, and take orders and be snarky an utterly rude to others while they hide behind their screens being the tough kid. All words and no verbal speech.Threaten to take away the wifi and see a major meltdown. What have we done? why is this being allowed here today?

Also having an opinion or view that is different then someone else and sharing it on a social media site will send so many people into a war fest that they think they have won the epic battle with words while in reality it is bashing others and not taking into consideration that, that other person has their right to feel what they did in the first place. Everyone has an opinion just like an asshole. But how about we let that person shit out what they want too with out you taking a fucking laxative? As I said we are hiding behind computer screens and cellphone thinking that nothing will touch you.

Growing up I was known as the person that always spoke their mind in a class room and had heated discussions with teachers which I gained some respect from fellow classmates. Now in 2015 I have been told I am cold heartless person for seeing a view on something aside from others and I am in the wrong. What is the difference from my views 10 years ago till now? Well here it is. 10 years is a long time and I have grown and matured enough to see the side of an argument as well as to think I have to write a 20 page essay in why I feel the way that I feel about something with a reference page and a cliff note attachment. People become so angry with you when you are not on the same page. I hate to pop your bubble but not everyone in this world is going to agree with you on every single thing you believe in.

I am all for a good debate really, but the fact that I am belittled and called a sad human being from a person who themselves is not the best one to be casting stones ( am being very nice to what I have verbally said to myself.) in the first place. It makes me shutter to think that these people think that they are the better ones than me because they used their words and tried talking a big game to me. Ok use all the words you want against me that is fine. Really. I don’t mind at all. I mind that you think that you are better than me because your view is better than mine. Not the case. Humans will always have augments  over the most petty things in life. So why stop now?

I am no longer using Facebook to share something that I have a belief in or something that I stand with. Why? because what is the point? I know how I feel about something and that is really is all that matters. I was whimsy and negligence and falling into that sewer of social media. I let my guard down and for that I am ashamed for. I am post here tonight because its a place that I can just share thoughts and feelings as an adult. And for Christ sake freaking spell check knows that Facebook is capsized. What is going on in this world?!

There really needs to be a break from all of this mass media and social networking. People have to make a date on their calendars to just away away put away their cellphones and tablets and be one with themselves. I told my boyfriend that we should both deactivate our accounts for a while when he is back from Antarctica and focus on what is important, us, our future and working, me finish up my second degree (why yes I added that in because of those who bashed me before whom never even obtained ONE this is a little jab at you for feeling utterly intelligent and making me feel like a horrible person and second guessing my own personal thoughts. Hows that for being a complete asshole?) and maybe planning a wedding and kids. Stuff that doesn’t have to involve the internet for once.

We are really missing the real aspects of communication with one another.

So news flash. I have an asshole. You have an asshole.

Just shit out of yours ok?


Serving Rant


In is last time I knew 2014. 

This is a era of when I as a woman can be successful, potentially actually make more many than a man *gasp* and not be a young mother. When I was working in the restaurant industry as a hostess and a sever I got asked a lot about my children…which I guess in a way is quite normal for younger women like myself working as a server and it doesn’t help that I actually have a tattoo on my left wrist of a date. Which actually has nothing to do with another human beings birth. 

I remember one night I was so so annoyed with a woman’s nagging about me being so pretty and I shouldn’t have to work like this to put food on the table for my kids. I blew up. I lost it. I smiled at her as sweet as I could and said. “Ma’am the tattoo on my wrist is not my child’s birth date. I as a matter of fact don’t have children. Here is something shocking for you, I am college educated, I take care of my Grandfather after my Grandmother passed away, that date you think is my kids birth date is the date of when I reconnected with my biological father who passed away. Yes I have a boyfriend but no we don’t want to have kids. Please think before quick to judge someone who is serving your food.”

She actually left me a nice tip. 

I am floored by how some people don’t have a filter. Who just simply think it is OK to judge someone by their work, their tattoos, their hair due. I probably came off very bitchy like but she needed to be put in her place. That tattoo is very special to me. I mean it is understandable that someone was quick to judge a young woman working as a server. It happens. Some people also need to realize that some young men and women don’t just serve because they cannot get a regular job or go to school. ACTUALLY some go to school and just help pay some extra bills. I know its 2014 and there has been a lot of young moms out there but sorry folks who either asked me bluntly or silently judged me because of my past work…I don’t have kids. I don’t. I hope that lady has refrained from asking other servers about their personal life. I mean it is great to chit chat and such but since I have moved on from the server world and moved out of state itself it just doesn’t stop. 

Am I doomed till I actually get an “adult job” that people think I am living on welfare and chain smoking popping out babies? This society is slightly twisted and we are always so quick to judge. I am not one to talk I see a homeless person and wonder, gee what got them in to this situation? Drugs? Gambling? Booze? Lost it all to someone they loved and trusted? Why didn’t they get help when there are ways to get help? Perhaps we will never know. I have a roof over my head, a loving boyfriend, friends and family that love me and support me. No kids, income and maybe someday I will have a “big kid job” and people wont whisper about my personal life about my kids…they can just wonder how many tattoos I actually have that are hidden.