Grumpy Boyfriend Strikes Again!


Its slightly sad when my I try and show my boyfriend some affection because he had a bad day at work and I want to give him all of my love before we don’t see each other for months. It was really rainy and out here they don’t work. So when he came home I tried to give him a kiss and he just brushed by me. OK I get it he is grumpy. He storms upstairs to change so I go and look at him and he goes “WHAT?” I told him I just wanted to give him a kiss and he goes “You don’t need to block me in first thing I get through the door.” Fine. Be a god damned jerk to me before you go. I grab my computer and slammed the bedroom door and now I am not going to speak to him till he apologizes to me. I was just trying to comfort him and he knows that. Not like I was the one who made it rain or that I was the one who didn’t call him for work. I am his fucking girlfriend who was trying to make him feel better but instead he is being selfish and decided to hurt my feelings instead because that is just what he does to me. I have nothing else going on in my life but blogging and figure out how the fuck I am going to get my shit back to the East Coast. God damn he is so conceded.

See my life in a nutshell. It also doesn’t help that my best friend is giving me shit about coming home because she is all like “your boyfriend controls you and you need to live your life you don’t need his permission to do anything, and its a waste for you to wait for him. You need to be the happy and free individual that you are inside. You need to live girl.” OK first off, no one controls me. My friend in her own mindset needs to realize that unlike herĀ I know how to have ONE partner. She only saw the bad when we broke up for a few months and how he treated me. She likes to be a little mean when she says “Ya you are so in love.” Well god damnit I am. I do what I want when I want too anyways. Granted we don’t have the best relationship but at least I love or try and show him love. He better get out of the fucking grumpy mood because it had nothing to do with me in the first place.