Still College?


I just kind of want to hide away today. Trying to figure out college stuff and its come down to I don’t want to go school for Justice of Administration there are classes there that I don’t want to take or waste my time on and DeVry is being douchy about the whole thing. I am not interested ok just fucking leave me alone.

Drank an entire bottle of wine and had two big glasses full of Whiskey last night. Slept like a rock and it was nice to fall asleep with a “clear mind” I hate lying there thinking about everything and then I want to talk to my boyfriend about everything but he doesn’t want to talk he wants to sleep. I have an issue when its bedtime for me its not bed time its LET ME GET ALL OF MY FEELINGS OUT IN THE OPEN NOW BECUASE WE ARE ALONE AND ITS DARK. Is that weird? Is that normal to want to just talk lying down in the dark and get things out in the open? I think its the only time I can get my boyfriends full attention and its tedious during the day he is either distracted by tv, computer or phone and if we argue that is what he does. I feel that when we get in to the bedroom its OUR time. Its like a…guidance counselor office.

Back to the school thing. I have found that SNHU has a wonderful psychology program(s) that  I am very interested in. So I have been emailing with an admissions lady asking her questions about getting my BA in Psychology with Mental Health. What are my goals? What does it look like for me in the work field? You know these are important and if I am going to do this, I want to make sure everything is perfect for when I go back to school. I want to be focused and very dedicated to my studies this time and not fuck off like I did with my paralegal. I think getting my BA is a good step towards what I want to after.

August 25 is when I would start hmmmm I wonder if that is really doable!

Fixed my FASFA Check

Processing stuff.

I am really going to school for Psychology.


Transcripts sent. CHECK.

So happy. I am making the right choice with SNHU.


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