‘Hannibal’ new blooper reel plus season 3 scoop


There are some small things in my life that make me happy. And one of them is none other Thomas Harris’ talented writing skills and a brain I would love to pick for he has brought us Hannibal Lecter. Yes. I said it. I have been obsessed with this man since I was about 12 years old, The books are my bibles. I have 4 copies of Hannibal because it is my favorite book in the entire world. And now with the movies and a tv show Bryan Fuller a brilliant master mind himself has made me fall in love with a god damn cannibal. Mads Mikkelsen has made Doctor Hannibal Lecter a man you want to love and hate and eat at his dinner table. And it wouldn’t matter if its human or not. (I am open to try new things.)

So when my life gets a little hectic and I start to sink into a deep depression I always grab my Lecter Books and read or grab a movie. Now I grab my Kindle and watch the tv show. Season two came to an end and I was BAWLING. I will admit when the first season aired I was skeptic because It wasn’t going to follow along with the story. I have let my senses go and embraced the writers and the actors for them, I have a place to escape reality for a while and just listen and watch. Now we have Season 2 done and I am dying to get a hold of it on DVD September 16 cannot come fast enough to hold the case in my hand. Here is the gag reel that made me crack up tonight and I really needed it. I needed to laugh at this.
I am content. Thanks to a Cannibal. And I have n shame. No shame.


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