Wildlife and no words?


Just got back from a lovely drive in the Rocky Mountain National Forest, went on Trail Ridge Road. They boyfriend wanted to go for a nice drive and we did! Got up early this morning to change the oil in the truck, turns out he decided to do more than that with a tire rotation and have the air filter changed. The wait felt forever. But I am glad that there was a tv because Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was on ABC Family and that made my morning go by quick. 

Driving up through the mountains was so breath taking. Being a New Englander there are of course beautiful mountains. But out here in Colorado it really puts the icing on the cake here. I got to see Elk, a moose and a other woodland animals. I have indeed moved to a beautiful state. 

Driving home though I felt a little distracted. My mind was all over the place making me forget the amazingness I just experienced. I got to over thinking that I am nothing but a loser because I haven’t gotten a job yet to also over thinking that something wasn’t quite right with my relationship, I got this weird feeling that I am just not good enough. See depression comes at me all at once and its not fair. Crazy isn’t it? 

Now we are home and the rain has started, I am trying to be positive and not let my brain take over everything that I think and feel. Its stupid how that happens. I need to stop allowing the past ruin everything for me because I then get all anxious and then ask questions which leads to fights that aren’t even worth it! Its a struggle but I am feeling slightly drained at the moment and for once I feel like I am lost for words. I don’t understand this either because I am always so full of things to say….today not so much even though I saw breath taking wildlife and natures beauty today. 



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