On Having An Eating Disorder And Not Being Thin


I thought for a long time that I was hiding my eating disorder I thought that I was super smart about it. No. Not really. What people don’t know is girls (and guys) don’t have to be deathly skinny to have an eating disorder. I was doing it because I had (have?) no respect for myself. It is a battle that is for sure. I wish nothing but good health to those suffering.

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The reason I’ve never used the words “eating disorder” to describe what I now understand to me my bulimic behaviors is because most of the discourse around eating disorders is about weight loss. The poster image of the Eating Disorder is the thin, white girl in baggy clothes with dark circles under her eyes.

Sure, there are young, white women who have eating disorders who do look like this. The thing is, there are also men, women of color, and fat men and women who have eating disorders, but their stories are erased in the Lifetime movies and PSA videos we’re shown in high school health classes. This is a problem because we don’t even recognize it as a problem, and I’m speaking from personal experience here.

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I’ve been purging since I can remember, and I didn’t necessarily start because I thought I was fat.

Of course…

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