4th of July has come and gone just like it always does every year since I can remember. Usually since the day I could work I was always working on this Independence day and this year I did not. Which felt a little out of my element but then again I have never ever celebrated this holiday like a “traditional” American does. Does that make me NOT American? I am not sure. I just have always been busy working making money I guess to really not understand or appreciate the day. We all have learned what this day means in History class year after year and now with the news and media giving us insight with other foreign countries and why we are involved to even the immigration issue we have always had. It boggles me that people forget we “american’s” are actually all immigrants ourselves because we invited the Native Americans here. That is just another rant topic all on its own trust me. I live in a state where its a melting pot for people all over the country as well as world. I feel fortunate to live in a place with different life styles and cultures. America has embraced all of these individuals where they can just be themselves. But then of course you bring in politics and laws and religion just makes me crazy. I want my America to be a loving place where we can all get along live our own lives the way that we want too–granted of course there are laws for a reason but–with in reason to be able to be well ….free. That is what America has always stood by freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of love. That is what it should be.

America. A place were I can write freely and sometimes not make much sense. Am I still drunk? NO….I slept ate lunch I am good…I think? I am proud to be an American. (you are now currently singing Lee Greenwood’s song admit you are because I am too.) State bird sit the bald eagle, which makes me think such a silly name for a bird it is not really bald but from the side view it looks vicious and scary but when you look at one head on poor thing looks like he has got a perplexed look about him like “what?” Colors are red, white and blue symbolizing freedom. But yet a cops flashing lights are red, white, and blue and that means you are in trouble. America is a weird place. 


This year I celebrated 4th of July with my boyfriends family we had a cookout, drank Corona played some games in the backyard. Then when it was time for the fireworks much to my dismay and ignorance due to alcohol climbed up a latter and watched a small display from the roof…then to only crawl back into the house through a bedroom window back downstairs like nothing happened and then continued to drink. Then I remember I went off on a rant to my boyfriends cousin about her unhealthy relationship with her psycho boyfriend –who she agreed with me but just is stuck in a battered woman syndrome phase. I got my point across I know this because my boyfriend told me I really let it to her and she needed it. See. America. Where you can get your ass handed to you by a drunk girl who is trying to help you but has whiskey on her breath. American living here. I just cannot believe that I did it but I guess it is true liquid courage. I will later apologize to her if I get the chance but I am not apologizing for my words. Sometimes the truth hurts even if its from a drunk person. 


America. A place I call home. America a place were there are many opportunities not just for me, but for everyone around the world that wants to come here. 


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