TV Star Loses 70 Pounds, Attacks His Fat Critics, And Gets His Food Show Pulled


I cannot tell you how angry I am for Adam Richman for acting this way. I am glad that he decided to become healthier and lose 70 pounds, and yet I am also angry at people who were DISSING him for the weight loss. People are so quick to judge and slam one another and you know what? I also find that someone lashes out is because they are jealous of you or someone else for their accomplishments. I have come to the conclusion that there are going to be people who will be overweight for the rest of their lives because that is their choice. Some get up one day and make a change, and work out, eat healthier. I did. I promote healthy living but I also enjoy sweets, and greasy bacon cheese burgers. But also I suffer from an ED and my mind fucks with me on a daily basis. I did write about Beauty is really inner self more than outer-self image.
I am happy for the girls that love their bodies no matter what size, big or small. I am not happy that everyone wanted to attack one another. What Adam Richman did was just post a picture that he was proud of himself for losing the weight and then realizing he needed to get his suit tailored because his pants were simply too big. I wonder if these girls also lose their shit on skinny girls on Instagram too? I feel offend because I enjoy a healthy life style, I enjoy working out, I enjoy healthy meals. Body image can cause such mental illnesses its something we cannot mess with or joke about or degrade people. Educate yourself people. Everyone you meet is struggling with something even if they are smiling. Choose your words and choose them carefully. I am pretty sure everyone involved are proud of themselves and turned into online bullies.

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I only know Adam Richman from watching a few episodes of his show Man v. Food, which featured him shoving buckets of lard-dripping food down his throat in portions big enough to burst a colon. Every episode had him trying to eat a hamburger the size of a truck wheel or a hoagie large enough to crawl inside and take a nap. It seemed inevitable that one day he would die from overeating, just as I suspect that Andrew “Bizarre Foods” Zimmern will one day eat something so weird that it kills him, and just as everyone suspected that Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin would eventually tussle with an aquatic beast that murdered him.

Richman has toned down the gluttony, though, and shaved 70 pounds from his oleaginous frame, and the most immediately apparent cosmetic result is that he looks slightly more Jewish. He…

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